Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Philosopher’s Stone and the Elixir of Life

“…the search of the philosopher’s stone and the elixir of life…”

The philosopher’s stone was a priceless object hunted for by alchemists for years. It was said to be a substance that held the power to transform regular everyday metals into gold. Of course, the stone has never been found and is now considered something of a silly bedtime story, much like the elixir of life. The elixir of life is a legendary fabled substance that was supposed to give the drinker immortality. Both the elixir of life and the philosopher’s stone were recently popularized again with the publication of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s (changed to Sorceror’s Stone for American publication) Stone. The children’s novel involved the villain’s search for both the stone and elixir in an effort to become all powerful.

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lee woo said...

We cast away priceless time in dreams, born of imagination, fed upon illusion, and put to death by reality. See the link below for more info.